Paver Driveways

Driveways Having a paver driveway can enhance the home’s curb appeal. The driveway is the first item in which people see upon entering a residence. Not only do these hardscapes provide safe and easy access to and from a home - they also serve as stunning contrasts to a predominantly green lawn and complement the colors of the flowers therein. Gone are the days when these mini-thoroughfares were made with poured concrete or black asphalt that looked drab and dull. Today’s homeowners opt for elegant driveways made of premium pavers natural stone inlays.

Building Driveways with Premium Materials

With Designscape, we combine beauty, function, and durability to suit your impeccable taste. And what can be more beautiful, functional, and durable than using premium pavers for these hardscape areas?

Driveways Natural stone inlays and premium pavers can transform your driveways from beautiful into awesome. We recommend these materials because of the following qualities:

  • Strong. Most natural stones are 100 percent stronger than concrete. That means your natural stone driveway can withstand more pressure than national roads, which are mostly made of concrete slab or asphalt.

  • Durable. Concrete pavers are created using the highest grade material.

  • Unique and beautiful. No two stones inlays are alike - each has an imprint of its own, adding to its breathtaking beauty. Meanwhile, pavers are available in limitless designs, colors, and textures, which help installers like us build stunning driveways.

  • Slip proof. Stones are rough and porous, making them perfect non-slip materials.

  • Resistant. Natural stones and pavers can withstand extreme heat, rain, and even the passage of time.

  • Easy to maintain. These driveway materials do not need frequent maintenance thus provide more savings for every Minnesota homeowner.

The Best Natural Stones for Driveways Inlays

Driveways Here are some of our recommended natural stones for driveways inlays:

  • Bluestone. Its rich blue color blends perfectly with the green grass of your lawn and brings out the colors of your flowers.

  • Flagstone. Flagstones come in different shapes and sizes, which can be formed into interesting patterns and designs.

  • Slate. Slate is available in different colors. It can be pounded to form thin but durable surfaces.

  • Travertine. Travertine is a wonderful stone that is capable of absorbing heat.

Use of Premium Pavers

Our premium pavers are made from the highest quality materials and sourced from reputable manufacturers in the country. With pavers, you can have unlimited design options for your driveway. They also come in different colors that can harmonize well with the existing theme of your landscape. Permable pavers are also an option for those looking to reduce their impervious surfaces, allowing surface water to naturally seep into the earth reducing our need of storm water retention.

Our trained professionals and artisans can create different patterns, like herringbone, basket weave, circular, and diagonal - name it and we’ll gladly do it for you. We can also customize a pattern according to your needs and desires.

Quality Driveway Installation

To ensure quality in all of our projects, we follow an 11-step process. We are with you from planning the design concept until you are fully satisfied with our job. Rest assured that we only employ the services of the best trained professionals and most creative artisans. We also have state-of-the-art equipment so that you’re guaranteed of safe and efficient projects.

Our goal is to give you not just the convenience that paver driveways can provide but the exquisite beauty of masterpieces that will make your home stand above all the rest. Call us now for a free consultation.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in MN:

  • Minneapolis, MN
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