Water Features

Water Features Water Features create focal points that are both dramatic and soothing. From formal fountains to natural looking waterfalls, ponds and streams; we can create for you a one of a kind water feature.

Water features have long been used by home and commercial property owners to enhance the beauty of their landscapes. They can make a drab corner come to life. Add a few seats around them, and you’ll have a nice, sweet spot, where you and your loved ones can enjoy sharing the day’s events. Even medical experts say that the sound of rushing water does wonders to the senses - it can ease the tired mind, soothes the spirit, or simply provides that much-needed rest and relaxation. The good thing is that these objects of beauty can be done in all shapes and sizes, depending upon the needs of your area.

Types of Water Features

Water Features Designscape can design and install breathtaking water features for your Minnesota property, like:

  • Fountains. There are two major types of fountains: spouting and cascading. The first one is created by drilling a hole into a statue, mask or painting, where a spout is inserted to dispense water downward, while the second one acts like a geyser, which sends water upwards.

  • Ponds. If you want a more natural-looking landscape, have a pond installed. Its tranquil water can support fish and aquatic plants. Add a waterfall and this water feature can support life on its own. It’s also the perfect spot for meditation.

  • Bird baths. Now, you don’t need to have an aviary to enjoy the birds’ sweet melodies. Once they have taken their fill and done with their preening, they’ll sing you nice songs for free.

  • Waterfalls. These cascading water features are so alluring. They can be placed in areas of the landscape to mask neighborhood and street noises.

  • Pools. These are multipurpose and can be done according to the size you want. Small ones can serve as reflecting or meditating pools, while swimming pools and ponds can be your very own water world, where you can swim and entertain.

What We Can Do for You

Water Features We know that we can give you the water feature you desire, whatever the size or the shape. Our team can suggest designs that can fit and blend well with the rest of your landscape. We can also customize them according to your impeccable taste and desire.

We choose our materials well - stones, pipes, pumps, and other materials - to ensure that your water features work as they should. We only get our supplies from the most reputable manufacturers in the country, assuring you of a wide range of materials and accessories to choose from.

Allow us to work for you, and you can have wonderful masterpieces that can delight you in each and every way. Call us now and your dream paradise can be yours to enjoy for a long, long time.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in MN:

  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Burnsville, MN
  • Bloomington, MN
  • Eagan, MN
  • Eden Prairie, MN
  • Savage, MN
  • Apple Valley, MN
  • Minnetonka, MN
  • Edina, MN
  • St Paul, MN
  • Lakeville, MN
  • Prior Lake, MN